How to Activate Extreme Self-Confidence and Destroy Chronic Anxiety and Fear

This curated column is authored by Anthony MooreFounder, StuffGradsLike When I was growing up, I had virtually no self-confidence. A chronic …

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How to Get Payback from Instagram?

Choosing Instagram for business provides huge opportunities to reach 700 million potential followers who can positively impact your business fortune. …

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How AI Impact Software Development in 2018

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is in demand, and many companies targeted it on its radar. It’s been interesting to perceive how AI …

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6 Motivational Quotes To Help Startups Create The Right Mindset

Launching a new business can be a wonderful experience if you approach it with the right mindset. Very often, startups …

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In Russia, will launch a single biometric identification system for voice and photo

The system was created on the initiative of the Ministry of Communications and the Central Bank, and the other day …

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10 entertaining facts about the Andromeda galaxy

The nearest neighbor to the Milky Way galaxy is Andromeda. It is much larger in the size of our galaxy and …

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Amazon started developing specialized chips for AI

Amazon began developing an artificial intelligence chip that will be used in its “smart” Echo dynamics. This information portal The Information, …

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Microsoft will create a block-based identification system

The technological giant from Redmond is keeping pace with the times, planning in the near future to use the block …

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Swedish Polestar is working on a competitor Tesla Model 3

The company Polestar, closely cooperating with Volvo and engaged in tuning cars of this manufacturer, last year became a full-fledged …

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In 2019, the ISS will have a private research module

Airbus and the European Space Agency signed an agreement under which the aircraft company will invest 40 million euros in …

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Mitio Kaku told us what kind of future awaits us in 20 years

Speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai, an expert in theoretical physics, the famous popularizer of science, as well …

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Mask: Unmanned trucks and tunnels improve Tesla’s performance

A recent financial report by Tesla showed that the company continues to suffer losses and can not cope with the …

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