In Russia, will launch a single biometric identification system for voice and photo

The system was created on the initiative of the Ministry of Communications and the Central Bank, and the other day its first version was presented. The development of a single biometric system for identifying a person by voice and photos is conducted by Rostelecom and plans to launch it in June 2018,informs RIA Novosti with reference to the vice-president for the development of the company Alexander Aivazov.

The press service of Rostelecom reports that the system is currently being tested by more than twenty Russian banks. In the future, it is planned to use the system in the financial sector, healthcare, education, retail, e-commerce, for obtaining state and municipal services.

In the future, any bank that has the right to register individuals in the ESIA and EBS will be able to identify and register the client at the ESIA, after which it will take samples of the voice and take pictures of the person and send them to the EBS. A bunch between systems will follow a unique number. Once the data is received and processed, the client will interact with banks and other organizations remotely, without visiting their offices.

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