With the help of 3D technologies, scientists have penetrated the “heart” of a tornado

Hurricane Moore in 3D

Hurricane Moore hit the states of Kansas and Oklahoma in May 2013, leaving behind a huge destruction and killing about 100 people. And now, almost two years later, a group of researchers from Virginia, led by Bill Carstensen, decided to restore the picture of an almost forgotten disaster using 3D technology.

The main goal pursued by scientists is to penetrate into the “heart” of the terrible tornado, to create a real picture of its evolution using the preserved radar data. As a result, a digital image of the hurricane appeared, to any point of which you can “go in” using the Oculus Rift headset, for which the virtual theater of the local university was involved.

Hurricane Moore in digital image

The viewer has the opportunity to literally layer by layer to investigate the “body” of the hurricane. So, red color shows the places covered by the strongest downpour, and yellow – where the downpour gradually weakens.

3D hurricane models help researchers better understand the nature of their formation in real time and based on the data obtained, develop measures to counter the raging elements.

Hurricane Moore

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