NASA is working on an airplane with 18 electric motors

LEAPTech aircraft

The airplane with 18 engines sounds absolutely unreal. But in times of high technology, nothing is impossible. NASA specialists are currently testing a new wing for a prospective aircraft with 18 asynchronous engines, created using LEAPTech technology.

The wing differs from the usual in that it is much thinner, and the 18 engines installed on it more actively blow air over the plane, creating a sufficient lifting force. The problem with fuel is also solved – the engines at the plane are not simple, but electric ones, receiving energy from lithium-phosphate-iron batteries.

LEAPTech wing testing

Let the skeptics do not confuse the number of engines. All of them will be used only during take-off, and with climbing a part of them will be disconnected. LEAPTech will be able to develop a cruising speed of 200 km / h and fly at the same time up to 230 km. In the hybrid version, the range is increased to 740 km. The wing span of almost 9.5 meters allows you to take off from a strip of less than 2000 meters.

Work on a future airplane is far from complete. There is a study of the wings with engines, the test stand for which was the body of a truck. Tests take place near the Edwards Air Force Base at the bottom of a dried-up lake.

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