Amazon started developing specialized chips for AI

Amazon began developing an artificial intelligence chip that will be used in its “smart” Echo dynamics. This information portal The Information, referring to an anonymous source in the company. The new chip will work on devices with a personal assistant Alexa, which will increase the processing speed of information and gadget response.

The source reports that most of the data in this case will be processed directly by the device itself, while now the analysis is on the cloud server.

Thanks to the new development Amazon will be able to catch up with competitors in the person of Apple and Google, who already produce and use their own artificial intelligence chips. A11 processor from Apple provides a special AI engine that helps the operation of neural networks, and the processor Tensor Processing Unit from Google is used in all major AI projects of the company, including Alpha Go. In addition, the publication notes that such a desire can make all these companies competitors of the traditional and the largest chip manufacturers in the world, Intel and NVIDIA. Previously, Amazon, Apple and Google were their customers.

Intel is now actively engaged in the development of “smart” devices. In early February, the company showed AR-glasses Vaunt. The Verge journalist Dayter Bone tested the gadget and wrote an exclusive review, which noted that Vaunt could be a real breakthrough. He compared glasses with Google Glass and said that the device from Google is losing. NVIDIA, in turn, hit the technology of AI for cars.

In December last year, the “daughter” of Amazon Web Services introduced a set of new products that operate on the basis of artificial intelligence. In particular, a DeepLens camera for $ 250 based on AI, a platform for the development of machine learning algorithms SageMaker and a service for translations and transcriptions based on AI.

At the same time, according to The Seattle Times, is cutting hundreds of jobs at its headquarters in Seattle. At the same time, the company plans to open a new headquarters and create 50,000 jobs. The redeployment of personnel inside the company was marked mainly by the strengthening of the staff of the prospective divisions (such as the Alexa project) and the weakening of the retail section. Last year, the number of Amazon employees in the US increased by 66 percent and reached 566,000 people.

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