For the docking of Soyuz TMA-16M with the ISS for the first time a tablet computer was used

The tablet becomes part of the ISS

A well-known song, written at the dawn of astronautics and beginning with the words: “Space maps are filled in plates …” turned out to be truly prophetic. The thing is that for the first time the crew of the transport ship used the tablet computer to dock with the ISS.

The specialists responsible for the software provided the first space tablet with everything needed – a full set of on-board documentation, a detailed flight program, ballistic information necessary for carrying out dynamic operations.

The crew in a few minutes will be able to find any necessary information, thanks to convenient navigation and hyperlinks. In many ways, the use of the tablet is still an experimental one. The new crew will have to “run” the tablet in real space flight, to clarify the models, specifications and software for future expeditions.

If the “run-in” of the space tablet is successful, very soon paper flight control instructions for flight will become another exhibit of the Space Museum .

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