Mask: Unmanned trucks and tunnels improve Tesla’s performance

A recent financial report by Tesla showed that the company continues to suffer losses and can not cope with the supply plan for the Model 3. At the meeting with investors, Ilon Mask, the company’s head, noted that some of the problems can be solved by increasing productivity. For this, according to Mask, it is necessary to launch Tesla Semi unmanned trucks, which will deliver the ready-made batteries to the car assembly shop. After that, you need to create a tunnel that will allow you to automate the delivery of components from the shop to the shop.

The Gigafactory 1 battery factory is located in Nevada about 400 kilometers from the assembly plant in California. Carrying goods from one plant to another is very expensive, so Mask even proposed to build a Hyperloop line between the two factories, especially since the Boring Company founded by the Mask is specialized in building tunnels, but so far companies have not given permission to lay tunnels between states. For this reason, Mask suggested that Tesla Semi unmanned trucks be launched between Nevada and California – their power reserve will just allow the batteries to be delivered to the assembly line and back. Tesla has already requested permission from the authorities of both states to test trucks in autopilot mode.

But the company will not give up the tunnels. It is assumed that a small tunnel can also partially solve the problem of cargo transportation – the assembly shop and the factory where the chairs are made are located about two kilometers apart. The tunnel, dug under the buildings and directly connecting the two shops, could also significantly accelerate the assembly.

According to the head of the company Tesla, such optimization of delivery of components can significantly improve the situation, thanks to which from the conveyor will annually go to 600 sedans Model 3 and about a hundred Model S and X.

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