Swedish Polestar is working on a competitor Tesla Model 3

The company Polestar, closely cooperating with Volvo and engaged in tuning cars of this manufacturer, last year became a full-fledged automotive company, after which it began work on its own electric cars. In an interview with Auto Express, the head of the company said that the debut of the electric sedan Polestar 2 will take place next summer, 2019.

The head of the Polestar brand Thomas Ingenlat noted that the company does not plan to create another “killer” child Ilona Mask, but Polestar 2 will be quite comparable in price to the Tesla Model 3 – the Swedish electric car will be sold at a price of 49 thousand dollars, which corresponds to Model 3 in the kit Long Range with increased battery.

Despite the similar price to the American electric car, it’s quite difficult to compare cars. At the moment, developers do not disclose any details about their offspring. Nevertheless, the company’s management notes that simultaneously with Polestar 2, the development of the electric crossover Polestar 3 was completed. Of the features of the latter, the head of the company noted the “streamlined and aerodynamic hull”, also tactfully evading the details concerning technical characteristics, hinted that they would be made public later.

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