WordPress Security 101 – How to secure your WordPress site against hackers

With over 5500 sales in the last couple of months, this is the book on WordPress Security you can’t miss out on.

WordPress is great for managing your website. It’s easy to use and very powerful… And often targeted by hackers.

Preventing hackers to succeed at their attempts? This security guide will show you just how to batter down the hatches of your WordPress website. You’ll learn how to counter Brute Forcing attacks, HTTP trace attacks, script injections, XML-RPC attacks and so much more.

You’ll read about:

– Securing the PHP-settings: php_safe_mode, allow_url_fopen, register_globals

– The importance of default files and robots.txt

– Installing extra server packages

– Tweaking the .htaccess to limit access based on the IP-address, prevent HTTP trace attacks and disable directory indexing

– How to ideally configure security plugins like Limit Login Attempts, WordFence Security and iThemes Security

– How to work securely with plugins and themes

– Where to get safe to use plugins and themes

– How to manipulate error messages on the WordPress login screen

– How your site could get hacked through your own pc

Your website was hacked? This book will also show you how to deal with it. You’ll learn how to scan your entire website for malicious content (either automated or by hand). You’ll see which measures you can take to prevent further abuse. And of course how to prevent it in the future.

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